About Me

Hi! I'm Martha, welcome to Seaside Simplicity. I'm so glad you have stopped by for a visit, I love meeting new blog friends!

I'm happily married with three grown children, we are now impatiently awaiting grandchildren. My husband and I have both lived in Florida our entire lives. We currently live less than a mile from the beach on the beautiful SW coast of Florida. We are both retired from the school system. We were still working post-retirement jobs here and there until Covid came along. 

We are avid foodies. I love cooking, menu planning, and enjoy searching for and trying new recipes. In different times we enjoyed trying new restaurants too. My hubs - he just loves eating good food, we'll leave it at that. I enjoy taking long walks on the beach, shelling, and just being out in nature. My husband enjoys sitting on the couch watching TV - I speak the truth. We live frugally. I love thrifting and finding creative ways to save, reuse, and recycle. My motto is "Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without." My husband has no choice. ;)

I started blogging in 2003. I disappeared a few times over the years, but I returned during the pandemic and I'm here to stay. I am so happy to be back! I hope you will stick around and join me while blogging through these next stages and phases of our simple life by the sea.