November 17, 2017

Friday Already

I can't believe it's Friday again already, where does the time go?! It hasn't really been a busy week here, but an exciting one. There was another trip to Fort Lauderdale to pick up my youngest son at the airport. He has moved back from New Mexico. We are so excited to have him home!

I thought you might enjoy some recent Florida photos this week. I know many of you are already in cold and even snow. This is a look at the beach on the SW side of Florida where we live. Currently gorgeous mid 70s weather and so perfect. 

You know a post can't go by without me mentioning food. We actually enjoyed a really nice meal right here in our flavorless town on the SW side of Florida. We generally rely on our trips to Fort Lauderdale for good food, but were pleasantly surprised when we tried this place. I had the chicken and waffles which were terrific and hubby had the Hungry Heifer BBQ platter in the background. Really good stuff! 

I took this photo coming or going between home and Fort Lauderdale at some point. This is the gorgeous Florida Everglades. It was such a pretty day too. The water levels in the Everglades are still so high since Hurricane Irma that the boat ramps are still flooded up into the parking lots. I'm standing right at the water line for this shot.

Fort Lauderdale has a huge Iguana problem. I love the green Iguanas even though I know they have become a real nuisance there, but I'm not at all fond of these ugly spiny tailed Iguanas, and obviously the ducks aren't happy about them either. Just for the record, the duck scared him away. We were both relieved :D

I'll close with a s sunset photo from our balcony at our home sweet second home in Fort Lauderdale, so pretty!

That's a wrap on this week's five. I hope you have all had a great week. See you soon. Cheers! :)

November 10, 2017

Foodie Friday

I recently said to a friend that the only regret I have when it comes to food is that I don't have a bigger appetite. It was no joke, I weigh a whopping 116 pounds and eat like a bird.  On the other hand, it's probably a good thing because I love, love, love good food. If I had a big appetite I'd probably have a big weight problem to go with it. Besides, I can go out and get a great meal that I thoroughly enjoy, take home leftovers and get another meal or two out of it. I guess it works for the best all the way around.

Since my last Friday Five we've spent more time over in Fort Lauderdale. It's our favorite place for good food. I thought I'd share five great meals I had for this Friday Five.

Our first stop in Fort Lauderdale was at a new to us Mexican restaurant, Taqueria Dona Raquel. I felt like I was walking into a restaurant in Mexico. I knew this one would be added to our list of favorites before I even ordered. It was obviously true authentic Mexican. Speaking of authentic, I probably should have gone with a Margarita, but I adore my Pina Coladas, just couldn't resist.

Just as I knew it would be, the food was fantastic. The tamales (not shown) were out of this world kind of terrific. We can't wait to go back on our next trip over to Fort Lauderdale. Delicious!


Next on the list was our favorite seafood shack, Tarks. I know I've already told you all about Tarks, but have to post this week's round of yummy goodness.

I had the fried scallops and Hubby had the steamed seafood combo and the wings. This place not only has the best seafood, but their chicken wings are incredible as well.


Next was Miyako Japanese Buffet. I'm generally not a fan of buffets. The food usually isn't great, and not being a big eater it usually doesn't pay for me to go to any kind of all you can eat place. Plus, I'd generally rather have my yummy leftovers to bring home. 

My oldest son was with us, he's a big eater, so this was a good option. Plus it has been on my list of new places to try. 

This place was impressive. It's immaculate, has a very upscale look, but very reasonable prices, less than $12 per person for lunch. All the food was so fresh and delicious too.

I chose a nice freshly cooked meal at their Hibachi grill, the guys enjoyed plate after plate of fresh sushi along with everything else the place had to offer, which was a lot! The photo below is the impressive sushi bar, hundreds of different kinds to try.

I never got to dessert, but like everything else there, what an impressive amount of options. This is only one side of the dessert counter. They also had a chocolate fountain for the marshmallows and fresh fruits is desired.

We will definitely be back here, especially anytime we have either of the boys with us on our trips.


Our next stop was Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza. This was a very nice upscale chain pizzeria, but also very pricey. The food was good for a chain restaurant, but I prefer the little authentic places with great food at great prices. 

We had a party of five and started with a giant family size Gorgonzola salad. It was so delicious. It was definitely my favorite thing that we had that night. Then it was on to the coal fired pizza which was very good. 

We also ordered their big meatball pot served family style. It came with a platter of fresh baked Focaccia bread and scoops of a delicious ricotta cheese mixture on the side.

Overall everything was very good. It isn't on our list of very favorites, but I'd definitely visit again.


Last but definitely not least is 925 Nuevos Cubanos. This is a great little place and true authentic Cuban food.

It's a tiny little counter service only restaurant with all kinds of fun, colorful murals and outside decor. This is one place I could share tons of photos for. I'll have to do a single feature sometime to show you around. This is a family owned business with excellent food.

Service with a smile, and look at the size of those sandwiches. I actually weighed a leftover half the first time we were here, half came in at a little over a pound! 

(Note - Photo credit for last 2 photos 925 Nuevos Cubanos).

Mmmm, fresh pressed Cuban sandwiches. 

That wraps up my Foodie Friday featuring my five fab meals this week. I don't know about you, but now I'm hungry. I think I'll go grab a plate of leftovers. Have a great weekend, cheers! :)

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November 03, 2017

Friday Five

On Halloween this week I made my traditional pot of chili. I've tried lots of recipes over the years, but this one is super easy and the best one yet according to my husband. It's made mostly from cans. Easy definitely works for me! Beware, it's spicy, but ingredients can easily substituted or omitted if you don't like your chili spicy hot.

Easy Chili


1 lb browned ground beef
1/2 lb browned ground spicy sausage 
2 cans Ro-tel brand Chili Fixin's
2 cans spicy chili beans
1 can Ro-tel brand Hot
2 cloves minced garlic
3 chopped Jalapeno peppers (with seeds)
1 teaspoon Cayenne pepper

Put all ingredients together in slow cooker. Cook for 4-6 hours on low. If you prefer mild chili use plain ground sausage, kidney beans, canned diced tomatoes in place of the Ro-tel Hot, and omit or reduce the amounts of the Jalapenos and Cayenne. Adjust as necessary according to taste. Add additional toppings as desired. Great served over rice or with tortilla chips for dipping too!

Note - I am not affiliated with Ro-tel, it just happens to be my favorite for this recipe. You can find their products in the grocery store in the area where other canned tomato products are found.

This week was pretty uneventful. After Halloween it was nothing but business paperwork all week. I'll complete my Friday Five with four Florida photos. If the chili didn't warm you up enough hopefully these will :)


This is my first time playing along on Five on Friday. Join me and meet some new friends!