August 19, 2014


Hello? Is this thing on? Anyone still out there in the land of blogs?! It's been almost a year since I've been here! My account was set to private and I haven't added a single post or reader since then as well - it's a long story. I won't get into that right now, but wanted to pop in to say hello now that I have set it back to public and I'm back in action.

It's so hard to know where to start now!!

I guess I'll start with the current news. Yesterday was back to school day, my youngest is a senior in high school this year! Those of you who have been with me since my earliest days of blogging back on AOL journals may remember his first day of Kindergarten! It's amazing that I've been blogging that long!  

I am still working in the school system but have submitted a medical leave for the first month - another long story that I won't get into right now either. Changes ahead!

I enjoyed a very laid back summer staycation and have the proof on Instagram - that has been my new addiction since leaving blogging. I have a widget showing my latest photos on my sidebar and of course if you are on Instagram too let me know so I can follow you there! 

I'll leave you tonight with a few images from my Instagram account from this summer...

Relaxing mornings

Bright sunny days with afternoon storms

Fresh fruit and cheese platters for snacks and simple meals 

Beautiful sunsets at the beach

I have lots of new things on the horizon to tell you about. I sure hope to hear from all of you soon. I've really missed you!