October 10, 2010

Tailgating Time #5

Time for football food, coolers full of cold ones, and game day buffets. Bring over your chips and dips, chili and chowders, all your wings and party things!

I am not a happy football fan this week. Two weeks ago my Dolphins let the Jets kick their butts, followed by a beating by the Patriots last week (Stop laughing Alex!) - this week we have a bye week, no game at all, that's no fun! I guess today will have to be all about the food here at my house  :-)

Tailgating Time will be posted every Sunday at noon and open all week until noon the following Saturday for you to add your football food favorites. We'll play each and every week until Super Bowl Sunday.

I can't wait to see what you are bringing to the football feast this week!

Tailgating Time is currently being hosted at the following blogs:
Seaside Simplicity ~ 3 Sides of Crazy ~ The Tiny Skillet


  1. Sorry I don't have anything to post:( My parents spent the weekend with us and I didn't have time to do any food photography.

  2. Hi Martha,

    thank you for your generous comments, Eng did tell me to say hi as well.

    best regards,

    Happy Tailgating Time.

  3. I was not able to get on line all day. I was glad that I scheduled the TT post to go up at noon! I did get to watch the Ray and the Buc win though! Wahoo!

  4. I'm sorry Martha, I think that's why I don't watch sports, it would just cause my blood pressure to go sky high! :0)

  5. Hi Martha! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your kind comments :) Sorry, the Booze Hound and I are Patriots fans... and we did kind of kick the Dolphins' butts last week :) I love your recipes and the fact that you're very much into tailgating!